Retrofit Actuators


Long Controls Ltd range of non-intrusive retrofit actuators offer a cost effective alternative versus asset replacement. Thereby extending asset life of existing equipment and providing a seamless upgrade path to facilitate network automation and remote control. 

Features & Benefits

  • LH & RH for both single and double switch applications
  • Common hardware operating principle
  • Proven and reliable actuator assembly
  • Fully interoperable across many SCADA manufacturers, using LCL's simple operating principles of zero interface circuits or on-board software
  • Extensive use of stainless steel, suitable for indoor & outdoor applications
  • Equipment can be fitted to switchgear whilst energised

Technical Details

  • Manual override
  • Provide open & close operations on ring switches
  • Volt-free "Open" & "Close" ring switch indications provided for future SCADA requirements. (earth indication available on some designs)
  • Robust electro-mechanical microswitches
  • Standard 24V actuator supply voltage
  • Operations achieved in less than 10 seconds
  • Rotary actuators designed with sheer pin for the prevention of damage to parent unit

Actuator Production Range

Long & Crawford

  • T3/T4GF3 oil insulated RMU
  • J3/4 oil insulated single switch
  • R3/4 oil insulated double switch
  • T3GF oil insulated RMU (early version)
  • LCGT SF6 insulated RMU

Lucy Switchgear

  • FRMU oil insulated RMU
  • VRN2 SF6 insulated RMU
  • VRN2a SF6 insulated RMU

Brush/South Wales Switchgear

  • NSM oil insulated RMU
  • Falcon Beta SF6 RMU
  • DRT4


  • ROKSS oil insulated RMU
  • LMI oil insulated RMU
  • IMS oil insulated switch

Schneider/Merlin Gerin/YSE

  • Ringmaster SF6 insulated RMU
  • RN2 SF6 insulated RMU
  • SE6 SF6 insulated single switch
  • CE2 SF6 insulated single circuit breaker
  • CE6 SF6 insulated single circuit breaker
  • RN2C SF6 insulated RMU
  • TYKE MK1 (YSE) oil insulated RMU
  • TYKE MK2 (YSE) oil insulated RMU
  • FMS MK1 (YSE) oil insulated single switch
  • FMS MK2 (YSE) oil insulated single switch 


Beta2 SF6 insulated RMU